THE HIGHER ELEVATION - 'Summer Skies'/'Country Club Affair' (Liberty 56035) 1968

'Summer Skies' is a perfect uptempo pop song to listen to especially during these cold English Winter nights. The Higher Elevation were previously called The Monocles and were a big hit in their locale of Colorado. During mid 1967 the group decided to give themselves a 'hipper' name and so they changed to The Higher Elevation and relocated to Los Angeles.

They hooked up with producer Frank Slay who has been mentioned on my blog before (he also produced The Yankee Dollar & Strawberry Alarm Clock) and recorded this perfect sunshine pop number at Sunset Studios in Hollywood Blvd. Both sides of this disc were written by songwriting team John Carter and Tim Gilbert.

In a perfect world this would have been a huge hit but the record sank without much trace.....

L-R standing: Rick Hull, Peter Johnson, Tim McDonald. FRONT Bob Saunar  SEATED John Froth


  1. A total masterpiece from start to finish! What a great track, my favourite of theirs along with "Odyssey", a vastly under rated band. As ever many thanks Colin!


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