THE HELLO PEOPLE - 'If I Should Sing Too Softly'/'Pray For Rain' (Philips 40572) Nov 1968

The Hello People were a manufactured group put together by producer Lew Futterman and based in New York. He had the grand idea to merge musicians with mime to create a new sound; that at least was the concept, although the flower pop of 'If I Should Sing Too Softly' is pure 1968 both in sound and production. The song remains uncompiled.

At their gigs The Hello People would perform in weird clothing and wear mime make-up. They would not talk to the audience between songs instead perform short mime acts.

This concept and the quality of their music may have extended their lifespan as group. They released several singles and three studio albums before the decade ended. Ex Remains drummer Norman Smart is known to have performed with The Hello People and is believed to have played percussion on their records.

They performed on some TV Shows notably The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and The Johnny Carson Tonight Show and these performances can be located on You Tube.

THE HELLO PEOPLE - If I Should Sing Too Softly

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