THE GORDIAN KNOT - 'The Year Of The Sun' (Verve V6-5062) 1968

According to the liners on the back of The Gordian Knot studio album 'Tones', the group relocated from Mississippi to the go go wonderland named Hollywood, Los Angeles. This proved to be a good move because their multi layered harmony pop was perfect ear fodder for the sunshine set.

They rubbed shoulders with film stars and influential music people, playing private party gigs for Richard Harris, Natalie Wood and Eddie Fisher. They managed to secure a six month residency at P.J's in 1967, then in August of that year opened a new hip joint called The Factory.

By 1968 they had enough of their own material to record an album and entered MGM/Verve Studios in L.A. with producer Clark Burroughs. He had recently performed production duties on many of The Association's hits. According to the Verve Records Catalogue (this can be found online) The Gordian Knot recorded all of the songs found on their album on the 26th March 1968.   

'The Year Of The Sun' is pure pop perfection with soaring complex harmonies, flute and acoustic guitar. The song was lifted from the album and released as a single with 'If Only I Could Fly' but it was unfairly overlooked.


  1. This song is a classic just wonderfull!!! good post!!


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