THE FIVE AMERICANS - '7:30 Guided Tour'/'See-Saw Man' (Abnak AB-126) Dec 1967

The Five Americans enjoyed enormous success with hit singles and albums in the mid 60s but outside USA they were virtually unknown. By the end of 1967 the music scene was getting experimental and progressive and their homage to The Beatles with the Sgt Pepperesque '7:30 Guided Tour' is a highlight.

The flip 'See-Saw Man' sounds like it was a song from a much earlier period than that of '7:30 Guided Tour', which was recorded during November 1967. It has the distinctive Five Americans organ sound combined with strange rhythms and Monkees style background vocal harmonies.

The Five Americans have had two retrospective CD collections released on Sundazed over the years but 'See-Saw Man' has never been featured. Maybe the mastertape has been lost?

Billboard advert December 1967

USA picture sleeve on Abnak

Holland release in picture sleeve

Denmark release in picture sleeve


  1. Love your blog. "See-Saw Man" is on Sundazed "Western Union" release.

  2. Thanks for putting me right.

  3. At least this is the mono single mix so technically uncompiled.

  4. your blog is awesome EXP067. Keep it up

    aashish @ Nepali Songs


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