THE EPIC SPLENDOR - 'A Little Rain Must Fall'/'Cowboys And Indians' (Hot Biscuit Disc Company 1450) Nov 1967

The Epic Splendor were probably a studio band put together by Capitol Records in New York to record and release music on their newly formed subsiduary label Hot Biscuit. 'A Little Rain Must Fall' was a decent sized hit locally but it's way too souly for my blog.

The flip 'Cowboys and Indians' written by brothers John and Terence Boylan is a lyte psych pop song with some great trippy guitar and an unusual beat. It sounds like a bluesy The Lovin' Spoonful.
The Boylan brothers recorded as The Appletree Theatre and John played in a later line-up of The Hamilton Streetcar.

THE EPIC SPLENDOR - Cowboys And Indians

Stevens Point - Wisconsin - Feb 1968 Radio Chart.....'A Little Rain Must Fall' proved to be a Top 10 hit

Billboard advert - December 1967

Billboard review - Nov 1967


  1. Cool record, I grew up listening to WSPT.

  2. Another great track from the best blog around, I used to have this on a tape comp that dissolved itself! So it is wonderful to hear it again, I think their best track though is "High On Life" which is a dead ringer for Appletree Theatre

  3. Very cool track! I once had a 45 by these guys on the same label (with a picture sleeve oddly enough) of them doing a version of The (U.K.)Smoke's "It Could Be Wonderful". Your blog is really opening my ears to some cool stuff today, glad I tuned in.....


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