THE CYRKLE - 'Penny Arcade'/'The Words' (Columbia 4-44224) July 1967

By the time Columbia released 'Penny Arcade' by New York based group The Cyrkle their hits had dried up and interest in them had waned to such a degree that members Don Dannemann and Tom Dawes, the writer of  'The Words' would soon decide to quit, then change careers, direction, whatever you want to call it and start composing jingles for TV commercials.  

The flip of 'Penny Arcade' is a neglected psychedelic pop nugget. 'The Words'....with it's sumptious folk rock 12 string jangle, sitar sounds and assorted studio trickery it's most certainly a blissful pop psycher that earns it's rightful place on my blog.

THE CYRKLE - The Words

L-R Tom Dawes, Michael Losekamp, Marty Fried, Don Dannemann

Billboard August 1967


  1. OOhh...also the Prunes in that bllbrd.

    I dig the Cyrkle lp...but some tunes are medium for me.
    I found some similarities with the sound of Syndicate. Well, that´s me.

  2. Another killer track, that I was lucky to find a UK copy of in a junk shop 20 years ago. The Cyrkle went totally OTT on the track "Nicole" on the Mynx soundtrack, sitars, backwards treated eastern guitars, a farfisa savagely abused and an all out freak out at the end!!! Total mayhem.


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