THE CRITTERS - 'A Moment Of Being With You'/'Good Morning Sunshine' (Project 3 PR45-1326) 1968

The Critters recordings with Project 3 have been virtually ignored in preference to their folk rock and pop hits on Kapp. 'Mr Diengly Sad', written by Don Ciccone will always remain their signiture tune but their 1968 work with a vastly different line-up displays great assurance and technique. The vocal harmonies especially are amazing.

The sunshine harmony pop of the flip 'Good Morning Sunshine' makes it into my lyte lyst. Incidently, the song was written by original member Chris Darway but he was not part of the Project 3 version of The Critters. Maybe it was a song that they had held back from Kapp.

Only Jim Ryan on vocals and lead guitar and bassist Kenny Gorka remained from the original line-up, indeed they had also been part of The Vibratones from 1965 that eventually changed their name to The Critters.

Jim Ryan (vocals/lead guitar)
Kenny Gorka (bass)
Jeff Pelosi (drums)
Bobby Spinella (organ)

THE CRITTERS - Good Morning Sunshine

Billboard Oct 1967

Billboard Dec 1967


  1. I am a huge fan of the wonderful Critters. My favourite LP of theirs is "Touch 'N' Go" and my two favourite tracks are "A Moment Of Being With You" and "Cool Sunday Morning", although "Good Morning Sunshine" is also very good.


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