THE CHILDREN - 'This Sporting Life'/'McIntosh' (Dagonet DG-78) 1966

I'm almost certain this is the same group that recorded as The Offbeats and Somebody's Chyldren because the writer of 'McIntosh' is Paul Dobies and the label is Dagonet. I wrote about Somebody's Chyldren last year here.

'This Sporting Life' is a garage take of Ian Whitcombe's original. This one starts off slow then bursts into a Yardbirds type rave-up. I'll leave this one for a future Cavestones. The flip 'McIntosh' is a lyte sing-a-long folk tune with trumpet. Strange and interesting in equal measure but not something the closed minds of the fuzz and farfisa crowd would have time for. That's what makes my music blog different.

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  1. I've always been a fan of both sides of this stunning 45 since buying it at the Camden Rock On shop back in the 80's


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