THE CANDYMEN - 'It's Gonna Get Good In A Minute'/'Go And Tell The People' (ABC 45-11141) Nov 1968

Alabama's The Candymen are probably best known for being Roy Orbison's backing band during the early to mid 60s but members John Rainey Adkins (lead guitar), Bob Nix (drums) and Billy Gilmore (bass) were tempted by their manager and producer Buddy Buie to start playing gigs and recording music in their own right. Dean Daughtry was hired to play keyboards and they recruited singer Rodney Justo who had previously been a member of  The Mystics from Tampa, Florida.

Several 45s and two albums were released on ABC Records, none of which were big hits, maybe 'Georgia Pines' sold in quantity but that song just ain't my scene. The majestic country psych jangle of  'Go And Tell The People' is easily their most experimental cut and was probably another piece of greatness lost on a B-Side. My white label promo comes with a big X on the other side indicating to me that 'It's Gonna Get Good In A Minute' was likely the side the label wanted 'pushed'.

Either way, both sides are non LP and it's the most difficult Candymen 45 to track down.

from Datebook magazine

KRLA Beat Dec 1967

Billboard Sept 1967


  1. These guys made it pretty big in the 70s as Atlanta Rhythm Section.

  2. Thanks for the Candymen single. Always loved "Georgia Pines," there's a cool live version on YouTube.

  3. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  4. Any chance you could post the flip side sometime? Pleeeeeeeeease? :)


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