THE BANANA SPLITS - 'Wait Til Tomorrow'/'We're The Banana Splits' (Decca 32391) September 1968

Unknown but hip session musicians drop some acid and turn on their minds and create the lush baroque sunshine pop masterpiece 'Wait Til Tomorrow' complete with some tripped out harpsichord. Too bad the tune was intended for kids TV Show The Banana Splits and was ignored at the time then forgotten.

But were they unknown but hip session musicians? They were probably unknown to most but they were professionals. Co-Writers Ritchie Adams and Mark Barkan wrote many of the songs 'performed' by The Banana Splits and The Archies.

Dig a little deeper and it transpires that Mark Barkan produced The Deep album 'Psychedelic Moods' and co-wrote two songs from that set 'Crystal Nite' and 'Trip #76'. He also released a 45 in his own right 'A Great Day For The Clown'/'Pity The Woman' on December Records. 'Pity The Woman' is a fantastic mod dancer just waiting to be re-discovered.

Mark Barkan also produced the incredible psych killer 'The Life Game' for Ry Cooper released on Musicor Records and wrote songs for The Monkees and lots of other performers that fall under the radar of my blog. 

Billboard advert - September 1968


  1. Colin... this track is possibly one of my favourites from the Banana Splits repertoire.

    I've been digging these sunshine pop-psyche tunes you've been posting about of late..

  2. Yet another fabulous track, the sort of gem that other comps and blogs just do not know about, but once again the great Colin comes to the rescue! Real care and passion for a kid's song...

  3. I also love this song, remembered it for where can I buy/own it?

  4. Thank you thank you thank you,,,wonderful sound quality thank you again from Australia,,,,R. A R White


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