SUBWAY SECT - 'Ambition'/'Different Story' (Rough Trade RT007) Nov 1978

Subway Sect had a strong link with The Clash as they were both managed by Bernie Rhodes and this 45 was produced by Mickey Foote who handled the controls on the eponymous debut album by the The Clash.

'Ambition' is a peculiar record and maybe even ahead of it's time. It has that late 70s punk guitar but incorporates some cheapo sounding organ and waves of strange noises over the top of the rhythm section. I've read elsewhere that those strange noises are sounds from an arcade game that were overdubbed in the studio without permission of singer songwriter Vic Godard.
In it's strange way I think this production trick enhanced the song and made it sound unique, although Godard seemingly didn't think so.

SUBWAY SECT - Ambition

a sullen looking Vic Godard pictured on the back cover of the 45