Readers of my blog will already know that I interviewed The Roosters lead singer Ray Mangigian in 2009 and Ray provided me with much needed information about his old band from the 60s.. Not much was known about The Roosters and the information that was available via other web pages or music guides was scant or just plain wrong.

During my email interview with Ray he mentioned that unreleased demos from 1965/66 existed. Bearing in mind that the original line-up of The Roosters released two sparkling folk rock 45s of the highest order (and my favourite 60s genre by the way) my head started to spin. I hoped that one day these songs would see the light of day. Even better would be a Roosters retrospective with all of the known releases and demos. Now that would be a DREAM!!

Which brings me to my pleasant surprise yesterday when 12 string guitarist and songwriter Tim Ward from The Roosters contacted me by email. Tim sent me three MP3s of unreleased songs he wrote and were recorded by The Roosters at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.

The songs are:

Help Me Please
Deep Inside
She Sends Me

All three have that exquisite L.A. folk rock jangle sound that I fell in love with the first time I heard The Byrds 30 years ago. According to Ray, The Roosters were big Byrds and Turtles fans and their own teenage jangle sound has more than stood the test of time.

Like I said all of the unreleased songs are worthy of a retrospective release and surely someone could do a Roosters collection in the same way that The Dovers finally got their reward.    
I especially dig the loner moody folk rock of 'She Sends Me'...


  1. Only someone like you could get this kind of lost n great rarities ! ! !

    Thanks for juicing up us with the tunes...

    and also the original colaborators..

    Great tune...

  2. One word Colin.... WOW.

    This is some great stuff.

    That track you added is amazing, I love it.


  3. Fantastic song! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope we'll get to hear all 3 sometimes. A 10 inch compilation would be amazing. You and Mr. Mangigian should contact Sundazed.

  4. The Roosters definately deserve a to get a compilation. Hopefully their brilliant songs will be collected and put out on vinyl again. Odd that the Beau Brummels had another, at the time also unreleased, song called "She Sends Me" recorded around the same time. I'll go on record and state that Tim Ward was a genious song writer and guitar player.


  5. If any re-issue label owner happens to read this post and would like to contact The Roosters for a possible release contact me and I'll pass your details on to Ray and Tim.

  6. Ray played saxophone and did a passionate rendition of 'Hall of the Mountain King' with The Roosters at the Westchester Park Gym one SatNight in 1966, first time I saw them play... brought down the house!

  7. Excellent song. Hope the band can be talked into a CD release because as much as I like the song, I'll never buy it on vinyl.


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