THE ROMANTICS - 'Little White Lies'/'I Can't Tell You Anything' (Spider Records 101) April 1977

I can't claim to be an expert on The Romantics, this is the only record I own by them. A quick browse on the internet confirms that this Detroit, Michigan four piece group started out during February 1977, there's even a claim that they formed on Valentines Day (hence the name - The Romantics).

'Little White Lies' was their debut 45 and is a band original (not the ultra great song by The Choir) and clearly demonstrates that The Romantics were going for that uptempo commercial powerpop sound.

I dig the flip so much more with it's Bo Diddley backbeat and harmonica bursts. 'I Can't Tell You Anything' has a neo garage sound and a sparse production that works well.

Sadly the skinny ties, black shirts and three button jackets were soon ditched. I've checked out some other Romantics songs on YouTube and after their initial coolness it seems that they grew their barnets into those awful big 80s hair monstrosities and started wearing even scarier naff 80s jackets with big shoulders and cheap lookin' leather pants. Their music during this period has also been infected with hideous eighties style production. Should have stayed in the garage boys.

THE ROMANTICS - I Can't Tell You Anything


  1. Like the new blog style. I think the Romantics finest moment was "What I Like About You". a US hit in 1980. Pure Irresistable Power Pop.

  2. A completely different version of this song that appeared on their debut album, thanks.


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