PENETRATION - 'Don't Dictate'/'Money Talks' (Virgin VS 192) Nov 1977

Penetration were a punk group from Ferryhill, a small town in County Durham. Not that far away from where I live as it happens. The group formed after some of them witnessed The Sex Pistols causing chaos at one of their gigs in Manchester.
They took their name from a Stooges song found on their 'Raw Power' album and were fronted by a female singer called Pauline Murray who also co-wrote the very basic but memorable 'Don't Dictate', now considered to be a 70s punk classic.

I've always raised a smirk with the fact that the group are called Penetration and they're on the Virgin label. Penetrating a virgin.

Despite coming from a small town in the North East of England, Penetration were one of the first punk groups to play at London's Roxy Club in '77 supporting Generation X.

PENETRATION - Don't Dictate


  1. I co wrote this little tune - we wanted Peter Kodik to do the sleeve because he did such a great job on the Snatch single - obviously we got him on a bad day!

  2. I like the sleeve. He did a good job with it...


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