OS HAXIXINS - 'Depois De Um LSD'/'Espelho Invisivel' (Groovie Records 0101) 2008

Call me old fashioned if you want but in my opinion almost all contemporary music is shit. Sometimes though, on a rare occasion, I'll open my ears to music recorded after 1979.

I'd read some ravin' reviews about a garage psych group from Sao Paulo, Brazil calling themselves Os Haxixins so I decided to investigate. So far I've only bought this single by them which I think is their debut 45 and limited to 500 copies on green vinyl.

Both sides are fine and purist examples of 1967 Los Angeles groove. These guys have got The Doors & Iron Butterfly heavy psych sound down on vinyl perfectly. Other groups have tried this combination in the past but NONE have come close to matching Os Haxixins. They even add some wild fuzz guitar in the mix for good measure.

not only do they sound GREAT they also look like they make an effort


  1. Yep these Cats are a cool band... they are label mates of mine and they've just had a 45 released on 13O Clock records... http://www.13oclockrecords.com/

  2. label mates of YOU? These guys ROCK the house! I'm not aware of OS HAXIXINS


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