THE JAM - 'In The City'/'Takin' My Love' (Polydor 2058 866) April 1977

Debut 45 by Woking's finest is a Who influenced celebration of British life and in particular the growing punk movement in London during 1976. Paul Weller was still a teenager when this single was released and the energetic gig performances probably propelled the record to #40 in the Charts.

'In The City' has instant appeal with it's opening three chord guitar riff and the decending bass runs from Bruce Foxton. Now that guy doesn't get enough credit for his inventive bass playing. Rick Buckler adds to the sheer energy and attitude of the song with his opening snare drum roll and his aggressive punk drums throughout.

THE JAM - In The City


  1. This song knocked my fucking socks off. Amazing. Thank you.


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