GENERATION X - 'Valley Of The Dolls'/'Shakin' All Over' (Chrysalis CHS 2310) June 1979

Billy Idol post Generation X became an Americanized watered down punk Elvis and this lack of cred has meant that many people of my generation tend to overlook the greatness of his English 70s punk group Generation X.

'Valley Of The Dolls' was a fair sized hit reaching as high as #23 in the Summer of 1979. The superb version of 'Shakin' All Over' on the flip can rightly claim it's place on my blog among all of the other cool sides I've posted over the years. This updated version of the 1960 Johnny Kidd & The Pirates all time classic slice of rock 'n roll was recorded by Generation X at the BBC Studios for a radio session but thankfully made it's way onto vinyl on this release.


  1. Billy Idol's later career certainly tarnished the reputation of Gen X. I bought their album when it came out and quite liked it. I never bought any of their singles though, so thanks for this one. Great version.


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