THE UNDERTONES - 'You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)' / 'Let's Talk About Girls' (Sire SIR 4024) May 1979

I don't think The Undertones realized how GREAT their early records were. Most casual listeners will have heard the greatness of 'Teenage Kicks' but this, their 4th single is a bit special as well.

I remember buying this 45 from a clothes shop in Sunderland, probably sometime in 1980. I had saved up enough pocket money for a new pair of jeans but came out of the shop with no jeans and instead a couple of punk singles I found for sale at the back of the shop. I don't think my mother was that impressed when I got home. It must have been a bit like Jack from 'Beanstalk' fame bringing home a handful of magic beans instead of a loaf of bread and some vegetables.
I suppose you can't wear punk records and I still had a hole in the arse of the only pair of jeans I owned.

Still what a fucking record I'd bought by The Undertones. 'You've Got My Number' has a 60s garage guitar riff throughout. Of course I didn't know this in 1980 cos I hadn't discovered 60s garage yet. Also the flip 'Let's Talk About Girls' is a cover version of the Chocolate Watch Band classic. I thought this sounded ultra cool as well.

It wasn't until a few years later, after buying Nuggets I realised that The Undertones had covered an obscure punker. I assume they had discovered this song from the Nuggets re-issue on Sire Records from the late 70s. Afterall they were on the same record label.

THE UNDERTONES - You've Got My Number

I've got some Smash Hits magazines from the late 70s and early 80s. During this period they wrote about punk and new wave groups. This issue from June 1980 boasted The Undertones on the front cover


  1. Not sure what to compliment you on first sir, the nifty new header or this spate of Undertones posts! I will own up to having heard the 'Tones version of "Let's Talk About Girls" a good couple of years before I knew who The Chocolate Watchband were!

  2. Well thanks dear chap! I'm sure you'll recognise my new 'Away From The Numbers' banner from the back of The Jam LP 'Setting Sons'

    What could be more English than a British Bulldog sitting next to a Union Jack deckchair on Brighton beach?


  3. Hi,
    My first post on your new look site. I love all that sixties stuff too, but like you, really got into it a bit later. Bands like the great Undertones occupied most of my time in my teens. Even though Feargal no longer sings with them, I'd still love to see the Undertones. I am sure you know that the original Let's Talk About Girls was by The Grodes (recording as Tongues Of Truth)?
    Anyway, great blog.

  4. Yeah, The Tongues Of Truth... I've got that on a Grodes comp. I mentioned The Chocolate Watch Band cos it's where I first became aware of the song.

    More Undertones will follow.


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