RADIO STARS - 'Nervous Wreck'/'Horrible Breath' (Chiswick NS 23) Oct 1977

I wrote about the first Radio Stars single here and during my research on their follow up 'Nervous Wreck' found that some muppet had copied my scans and posted them on YouTube, without a credit I may add. This fucking infuriates me somewhat.

Back to this record then. 'Nervous Wreck' was a small hit and broke into the Top 40 in early 1978. It's a Chas 'n' Dave type tune with a tinkling joanna and some naff female backing vocals. Not my cuppa T.
Far more interesting is the flip 'Horrible Breath' credited to 'Feld'. This was the glitterest of all pixies, Marc Bolan. (real name Mark Feld)  He recorded this song with the title as 'You Scare Me To Death'...

Andy Ellison, the frontman of Radio Stars was lead singer with 60s mod group John's Children who briefly had Bolan as a member so I guess they kept in touch. When Marc Bolan's hits dried up he fronted his own TV Show during 1977 and invited the Radio Stars on it to perform a couple of songs. 

RADIO STARS - Horrible Breath

Radio Stars with Marc Bolan pictured on his TV Show during September 1977. Days after this pic was taken Marc was killed in a car crash. Image taken from the Radio Stars official website.