THE PLEASERS -'A Thames Beat EP' (Arista 152) Nov 1977

Going against the punk/new wave grain of 1977 were The Pleasers from London who embraced the sound of '64 era merseybeat and in particular The Beatles, on this way cool three song EP.

Reading an article about them in an old Record Mirror from January '78 they were billed as the next 'big thing', along with The Rich Kids and XTC. Fame and fortune did not happen for The Pleasers but they did leave behind some sparkling 45s with that all important 60s beat. I'll be reviewing those over the coming days.

According to an interview with group members Steve McNerney and Bo Benham in Zigzag #80 they had been trying since December 1976 to attract the right guitarist and drummer to help provide the beat sound that they craved. It took them almost a year to find Nick Powell and Dave Rotchelle.

The Pleasers soon dropped the Tremeloes, Searchers, Who, Beatles covers at their gigs and concentrated on their own material of outstanding beat music. They wrote great songs with superb harmonies, jangling guitars with that perfected and wholly authentic 60s backbeat.
It must have been hard to believe that it was 1977 when these chaps were performing their pleasing beat. Remember this was light years ahead of any so called revival.

They had the songs, they had the gear and they had the moptops. They were The Pleasers.

THE PLEASERS - I'm In Love