THE PLEASERS - 'A Girl I Know'/'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' (Arista 217) Nov 1978

I'll wrap up my Pleasers retrospective with their fourth and final single.  
'A Girl I Know' is terrible and by now I don't think Arista Records knew what to do with the group. The song sounds like one of those cringeworthy French or German Eurovision Song Contest efforts. Quite why they thought this would have been a hit is anyone's guess. All it did was end The Pleasers career as far as I'm concerned.

Even the artwork for the sleeve is embarrassing, in which they seem to be promoting a skinny red tie instead of a worthwhile group of moptops. Thankfully, the B-Side saves the day here. 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' shows that The Pleasers could still write catchy sub three minute powerpop tunes that were radio friendly. I'm not saying that this song could have been a hit or anything but it would have been a better way to go than the dreadful 'A Girl I Know'...

The Pleasers were dropped by Arista after this flop and it appears that they disbanded with an unreleased album in the vaults.. This eventually did see the light of day recently with a Japanese only release. I've not heard it so can't comment.   
The Pleasers have their own website and have uploaded some great promo pics. I've used a couple of them on my blog.

THE PLEASERS - Don't Go Breaking My Heart