THE CLASH - 1977

THE CLASH - 'White Riot' / '1977' (CBS 5058) Mar 1977

Here's where it all started for London band The Clash with their very first single release. This version of 'White Riot' is a different take from the album version and it reached a respectable number 38 in the UK chart.
It's an aggressive attack of buzzsaw guitars, offbeat bass and slurred vocals.

The flip '1977' is a short burst of punk rock with a Kinks riff and was a non LP track. It contains the lyric,

"No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones....1977"

Surely a suggestion that for a brief period in England at least, the old guard were on the way out.

THE CLASH - 1977


  1. Just wanna say: I love the Clash early stuff, specially those first singles...their debut albums is the "punkiest" of all ! (??). Well London Calling its also a must.

    Great piece of work here Colin.


  2. Thanks Bomber - It doesn't seem 8 years since lead singer Joe Strummer died in Dec 2002.

  3. That´s true...have you seen the movie about him ?(or documental I think it was)


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