THE BUZZCOCKS - 'Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)' / 'Just Lust' (United Artists UP 36455) Sept 1978

Back when I was a kid growing up in the late 70s there wasn't much music on the radio for me to get excited about until I heard bands like The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Adverts and The Clash etc. Hell, I didn't even know what punk was all about because it never got much publicity in the music press, on the television and definitely not the radio. Well not until the Pistols appeared on some live local TV show and started to say 'fuck' and 'shit'. Almost overnight England became exciting again after 10 years of prog boredom.

One of my lasting memories was seeing The Buzzcocks on TOTP playing this song and I've loved it ever since. 'Ever Fallen In Love' got to number 12 in the charts, not that this meant much to me. I only knew that it's popularity meant more plays on the radio and appearances on TV music shows. Back then we had no video recorders or MTV or repeats so if you missed it you were fucked and couldn't talk about it at school next day.

The flip 'Just Lust' is a typical 70s punk song with an uptempo rhythm and stupid lyrics. It has a pretty decent guitar break but it's really just an average song. Not in the same league as the top side.


  1. i LOVED the pop-punk of the buzzcocks! and the damned, and a whole bunch of 45s by bands that never quite made it like "spizz energi" and all.. i was born in '65and so i remember the "glam rock" thing from my childhood and i still have some singles i bought with my own (mum's really) money by slade and t-rex and the sweet. the funny thing is, i see it all as rock and roll roll really so i don't quite think punk was the revolution we thought it was at the time.. but there was some great music.

  2. Thanks Mister Mark....I've got 'where Is Captain Kirk? bu SpizzEnergi lined up soon so it's right on the money that you mentioned them.

    I just didn't get all of that safety pins and bondage crap that came after 1979. The second wave of punk missed the point. It's the original pop punk I'm interested in with catchy songs and a wreckless beat.

  3. Yeah yeah yeah!!! One of the GREATEST singles evah!! The 'cocks had a lot of great tunes but this one is spectacular!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I must pass this onto Steve Garvey, on ocassional drinking buddy of mine!

  5. If you're into pop punk you really should chek The Power-Chords. But probably you did


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