RON GRAY - 'Hold Back The Sunrise' /'The Shake' (HBR 488) July 1966

This obscure record by Ron Gray on the collectable Hanna Barbera label is currently flavour of the month amongst mod collectors and/or 60s Club Scene DJs. There is no predicting at the moment just how many $$$ it could go for, at least upward of $400...

'Hold Back The Sunrise' has been known for some time though, way before the trendy mods caught wind of this minor key moody masterpiece. Way cool, inspirational organ and fuzz garage sound on this one. It certainly merits it's status. The record got a small advert in Billboard magazine - August 1966.
The flip 'The Shake' sounds like it could have come from a much earlier period. Some solid guitar on this rocker.

But what about Ron Gray? According to Barry Wickham's garage records price guide he hailed from Monroe, Louisiana and released another 45 on N-Joy Records.

RON GRAY - Hold Back The Sunrise


  1. Ron Gray was my father and I remember in the mid 60's when he recorded this song, and others. I still have a 45 of it in my home. Ron is still alive, lives in the Dallas Texas area. He did live in Monroe for a time, but he was raised in Springhill, Louisiana and that is where I was born also. I have several of the original 45's he made and still remember the music very well.

  2. Hello Gary

    Thanks for getting in touch. This 45 on HBR goes for well over $300 now, sometimes more. It seems the European mod DJs have discovered it and it's like a feeding frenzy when the record comes up for sale on Ebay.

    I've got another Ron Gray 45 I'll have to post sometime.


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