QUANT - 'Play With Mary'/'Close Your Eyes' (Detour Records DR061) 1997

Quant (named after 60s fashion icon Mary Quant) were a short lived London group from the late 90s. They only released two singles then were gone, which is a shame because the recordings they left behind demonstrated that they were onto something different (for the time) with their heavy acid rock mixed with sitar and tablas.

'Play With Fire' is a psychedelic mass of wah wah guitars, backwards tapes, sitar, tablas, flutes, flanging and Small Faces riffs. In other words the proverbial psych 'kitchen sink' has been thrown into the mix. An all round cool as fuck sound.

I don't know much about Quant. They never got mentioned in any music magazines that I read or were the focus of any fanzines. The press release that I got from Detour Records (that I can't find) confirmed that ex Clique drummer Matthew Braim started the group in '96. There was only 1,000 copies of the record pressed making it a difficult one to find these days.

Matthew Braim (drums)
Jack White (guitars)
Stewart Turner (bass/sitar)
Rachel Croft (vocals/percussion)
Francois Nordmann (bongos/tablas/flute)

QUANT - Play With Mary


  1. Heh... someone just sent me this link. I played bass on the first single.
    Quant were formed after Rachel, Jack and I moved down from Leeds in 1996. We were in a band called The Reaction before Quant, and hooked up with Matthew and Francois.
    I parted company with the group under rather acrimonious circumstances after the first single. Very strange times.

  2. i used to see these play at the untouchables mod clubs in london,i own this single on vinyl still .i picked one up when i saw them at purple pussycat club night in the 90's


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