QUANT - 'I've Got No Time'/'Walk In The Shallows' (Detour Records DR069) Oct 1998

The second and final 45 by Quant was this great double sider with 'I've Got No Time' being the plug side. This time 'round Quant are less hippie psych and much more late 60s rockin'....Rachel Croft's vocals remind me of Sharon Tandy and the gruff freakbeat style howls from Francois Nordmann really work.

'Walk In The Shallows' is quite a different sound, mixing psych rock with some jazzy interludes.
The band appeared on a Channel 5 TV show called 'Raw TV' in 1999. I've not seen the clip and don't know what Quant were performing that day. Hopefully the clip film will turn up on YouTube at some point in time.

QUANT - I've Got No Time

This is a good touch for the record cover. The scene re-enacts The Action promo pic from 1966. I'm not certain but that could be Reg King. He gets a credit on the back of the sleeve.


  1. Yes, nice tune Colin
    it demands a few repeat listenings.

  2. Hell yeah, I got to hang out with Jack and Francoise in LA!

  3. It is indeed the late great Reggie King.


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