MY FAVOURITE THINGS - 'Fruit Machine'/'Memphis' (no label) 1995

When I first started my blog back in March 2007 I decided to highlight groups from any era as long as I liked them. Writing solely about 60s groups would bore the fuckin' shite outta me....Take this 45 for instance, it's not garage, psych or punk rock but I dig it nonetheless.

I remember seeing an advert in a music mag back in the mid 90s, can't remember the magazine.... anyway, all you had to do was send your name and address and My Favourite Things would send their latest record direct to your door for FREE. It helped that they commented that some of their favourite things were The Rain Parade, Gene Clark, Big Star and Julian Cope....well I was in, too good an offer to ignore!

'Memphis' is purepop with jangle, very commercial and well produced. I was shocked out just how good the record was for a freebie. It's just such a summery sound with that jangle and those vocal harmonies. Could have easily been a radio hit. Too bad England went Brit Pop crazy in the mid 90s.

My Favourite Things were, formed in 1992 from the ashes of five piece band The Hungry I (the other two members of The Hungry I were Eyeless In Gaza singer Martyn Bates and Steve Dullaghan from The Primitives

They split up after the release of their 2nd 45 'Syd' a tribute to Syd Barrett.

John O'Sullivan (guitar/vocals)
Simon O'Grady (bass/vocals)
Peter Burke (drums)


the letter I rec'd from guitarist/singer John O'Sullivan -  Sept 1995


  1. I have just discovered this brilliant track on your ever excellent blog. What a lovely wonderful song, what a shame that it never bothered the charts...


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