EPISODE SIX -'I Can See Through You'/'When I Fall In Love' (Pye 7N 17376) Oct 1967 (stereo)

Whenever plaudits and various lists of the very best English psychedelic songs are written in magazines and reference guides, this majestic slice of aural acid by Episode Six never gets a mention.

'I Can See Through You' written by Roger Glover has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I heard it on an old Eva comp in the mid 80s. Over the years I've looked for an original mono 45 but have never seen it for sale. Fortunately I've got a great vinyl Episode Six LP comp from 1987 on PRT Records which collects all of their PYE singles. BUT they've used the stereo masters...never mind.

'I Can See Through You' is laden with ideas and could almost be three songs in one, the pace changes from quick to slow, with bursts of trippy vocal effects and echoed drums that sound just SO great...

Roger Glover and Ian Gillan quit the group in 1969 to join Deep Purple.

"I can feel,
I can hear,
I can see through you"

EPISODE SIX - I Can See Through You


  1. Bought that Episode Six PRT LP when it came out having never heard anything by them before and this was and still is my fave track on the lot!

  2. Sanctuary's 2CD set "Love, Hate, Revenge" is essential! More or less complete + great packaging. I need to track down the Cornflakes & Crazyfoam CD, then I have it all.

  3. I've been after that Sanctuary CD but it appears to be extinct. Not even on Ebay last time I looked.

  4. I recall there being a CD of Episode Six on the BBC which camne and went, I believe, because it was issued without proper licensing from Auntie Beeb. Of course I didn't move fast enough and missed out.

  5. Only recently I realized there was an expanded version of "Love, Hate, Revenge"...and both wilthomer's comments applied to me too! I clearly remember the Radio One sessions CD in an Ediburgh shop but didn't buy it...and yeah, "I can see through you" was and is my fave!


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