EMBRYO INFINITY REBIRTH - 'Walls'/'Let Me Tell You A Story' (Way Out Records W 105) 1971

Here's a very strange and obscure record from 1971... First of all what a fantastic name for a band, Embryo Infinity Rebirth...what the hell does that mean? The downer psych sound is pure 67/68 period, maybe the songs on this disc were recorded then but released some years later.

Way Out Records were a small independent label operating out of Cleveland, Ohio. Some sources suggest that this is where the group hailed from, but information from the Buckeye Beat website places Embryo Infinity Rebirth from Pittsburgh.

'Walls' is a tripped out acid drenched stoner, haunting and sparse in equal measure. The production is not the best but get past the muddiness and it's a killer. The flip 'Let Me Tell You A Story' sounds like a bunch of hippies singing around a camp fire with everyone joining in, including the hand clappin' woman who heats the big pan of beans and sausages.

Information about Way Out Records an be found here