THE EMBROOKS - 'Jack'/'Dawn Breaks Through' (Circle Records CPW S102) 2002

I've got thousands of singles in my collection (I gave up counting years ago) but none of them weigh heavier than this psychedelic artifact from 2002 by The Embrooks.

This three piece outfit were a kind of garage supergroup led by ex Mystreated member Mole and having in their ranks ex Head and the Hares guitarist Alessandro Cozzi Lepri and ex Dirty Burds drummer Lois Tozer.
Both songs on this essential disc are pure 1967/68 UK mod psych, authentic in every way and skillfully produced by Liam Watson at the famous Toe-Rag Studio in London.

'Dawn Breaks Through' is a fabulous rendition of The Barrier classic and in my opinion it's equal at the very least.

Only 500 copies were pressed.

THE EMBROOKS - Dawn Breaks Through