THE DAMNED - 'New Rose'/'Help' (Stiff Records 6) October 1976

The obvious place to start my new styled blog is with the very first punk rock single released in England during the back end of 1976.

The Damned hailed from London and were named by guitarist Brian James after a 1969 movie of the same name. both sides of this disc were recorded in a day during September '76 at London's Pathway Studios and produced by Nick Lowe who had been a member of 60s psych outfit Kippington Lodge then ended up forming Rockpile with Dave Edmunds.

'New Rose' is a blistering punk attack with drummer Rat Scabies' urgent pounding setting the pace for a breakneck surge of adolescent mayhem. Captain Sensible was once quoted as saying that 'New Rose' was recorded purely on speed and cider.
The flip is a rapid take of The Beatles hit 'Help' but about twice as fast as the original.

"Is she really going out with him?" 


  1. One of my earliest blog bits was talking to Brian James about New Rose. There's also an exclusive with Rat Scabies here

  2. Great post Mondo...readers are encouraged to go here to watch a promo video of The Damned performing 'New Rose' sometime in 1976.

  3. Hi! Dig the new look blog... look forward to heaps of great new posts. Thanks for all the cool comments! I really enjoy 60s garage & punk 45s and a whole lot more... the spice of life and all the rest. Anyhoo, keep up the great work & thanks again.

  4. Being only 6 when this came out, I got to hear it quite a few years later. In my mid-teens I was discovering bands like the Chesterfield Kings etc but I was always a lot more interested in those 60s obscure bands...Most people my age liked the Damned and other post-Punk bands (always hated that term...)but we're talking about 10 years later and I wasn't that keen on all that "Dark" stuff (as it was known in Italy).
    When I finally got to hear the Damned debut album I was blown away!
    What a great record! Funnily enough a lot of the same "Dark" people seemed to prefer other stuff...

  5. Aldo - I don't care for The Damned after their 'Strawberries' LP....Over produced Goth Rock does nothing for me and this is the direction they ended up going in after '82

  6. That's exactly what I meant:
    picture Italy 1985-86...most teenage Goths there probably never even heard the Damned we're talking about or didn't like them much...
    in fact the early Damned were closer to the 60s stuff I had been listening as a young Garage-head, something that many people at the time failed to appreciate.

  7. Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise!

  8. You're welcome - thanks for taking time out to give feedback. Bookmark my site for more 70s punk and new wave 45s coming in the future.

  9. Hi Colin, I don't expect you to publish this. I just wanted to say that I understand completely how you were feeling by the end of Flower Bomb Songs. It's been a constant gripe of mine that people don't have the courtesy to respond to the work that we do. (You were certainly getting many more comments than I - 20 in a month . . .!) I get extremely annoyed and then take the blog private until I cool off - it's not exactly productive, but better than feeling used. Anonymous said that the number of downloads should be an indication of how much people enjoy your blog, but you don't even permit downloads. How long does it take to say "Great song - thanks!" I've gone the no dling route, but of course they've found a way around it because of Mac and Firefox add-ons which permit recording of anything that's played through the computer. I'm considering going private for good, but until that time I've added a link to Away From The Numbers. Best wishes, Marie

  10. Hi Marie - I thought that 'Flower Bomb Songs' could be a sort of 60s psych/garage/beat fanzine because I unearthed lots of great unseen photos, pics and info from band members of old garage bands.

    I thought this would generate responses from visitors (16,000 per month - most of those people are regulars)

    However, replies and responses have been pathetic. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of 60s garage/psych lovers are complete SNOBS and it's kind of below them to offer support and encouragement)

    My insider story from the original Avengers and Yankee Dollar guitarist was the final straw. I got the guy to make a video of his previously unseen 35m film footage of his old group. He wasn't even going to but did anyway. I told him loads of people would really dig it. I was wrong cos only a couple of people bothered their arse to reply. Fucking well pathetic!!!

    That's why I've completely changed my blog in favour of 70s punk rock records and groups I followed when I was a teenager. Now it's no longer my 'net fanzine'...I couldn't give a toss if no one ever replies to these punk/new wave posts. It's a completely personal blog now.

    In fact I hope all of these previous regulars clear off. I'm sure they will get the hint when no 60s records and groups are reviewed.

  11. All I can say is that I support and agree with you 100 per cent! The number of times I've wished that certain regular visitors would push off . . . Yesterday, I decided that I'd had enough and withdrew my blogs. I don't even know if I'll continue running them as private. There are a handful of readers (out of the 3,000 or so unique visitors) that I feel badly about abandoning though.

    There are serious gaps in my knowledge about the early punk scene, so I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Marie

  12. Das war ein schöner Artikel zu lesen, danke für sie.

  13. I found their first LP in an "import bin" back in '77 and bought it because a)They covered The Stooges' "Feel Alright" and b) they looked cool as hell. My life has never been the same since. I lived in a neighborhood where bands like Led Zeppelin and Lynrd Skynrd ruled. I was an instant outcast because I dared to like bands like this. I have no regrets whatsoever. Great post.


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