CUPIDS INSPIRATION - 'Yesterday Has Gone'/'Dream' (CBS 3500) May 1968

This combo from Stamford, Lincolnshire were originally called The Loose Ends and spent several months learning their craft and playing endless gigs in Germany. Like so many UK bands they were unknown in dear old Blighty.

That changed in mid 1968 when the renamed group, now called the more trendy Cupids Inspiration had a massive top 5 hit record with 'Yesterday Is Gone'... It's a highly polished affair with a big band sound so typical of other hit makers of '68 like The Casuals or Amen Corner.

Far more interesting for me is the stupendous heavy psychedelia of 'Dream' on the flip. This is a grungy pulsating powerhouse cruncher with dense and eerie production. I wonder how many pop pickers who bought this 45 understood or cared for 'Dream'....

Shapes And Sounds Volume 3 compiles a BBC Radio recording of 'Dream' from The David Symonds Show'. Cupids Inspiration taped this on 24th June 1968.   

My copy of the 45 is the picture cover Dutch release on CBS. In England the 45 was released on NEMS.



  1. Indeed, dream is a master piece. The front man has a strong voice with great range, and a special highlight are the drum breaks at the end of each verse, which puzzle the listener who never thought that the drummer puts the cymbal crash on the first beat ! Dream is so unique and independent, that nobody notices that the chords are very similar to the "House of the rising sun". It´s different stuff, different quality.


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