THE WHO - 'Substitute'/'Instant Party' (Reaction 591001) March 1966

1966 was the year when The Who left Brunswick Records and Shel Talmy behind, although the drawn-out battle over the recording contract became a complicated mess. The Reaction label was set up by Managers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert as an independent label within the Polydor organisation and the newly recorded 'Substitute' was to be their first 45 for the new label.

'Substitute' is such a great pop song by Townshend. As soon as the opening acoustic guitar hook bursts from the speakers and is joined by that clattering tambourine, well it's just a treat for the ears. The lyrics are clever and funny in equal measure.

The flip 'Instant Party' is a re-recorded version of 'Circles' and is a faster take. According to my reference guide Pete Townshend took over as The Who producer although the label indicates 'A New Action Production'
The single was a top 5 hit in England and numerous TV performances exist of The Who performing the song.

German release (Daltrey looks like he's about to kill the photographer)

Billboard advert


  1. I've really enjoyed all of your Who postings. Can't remember if I mentioned that I saw them at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1967 - they were the "Opening Act" for . . . Herman's Hermits! How surreal! Marie

  2. Thanks for this great rip. This one its quite special for me, cause started with some high numbers tunes, then substitute, my generation...and more...

    Amazing "who" collection!!!


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