THE UNHEARD - 'Don't You Stand In My Sunshine'/'I Don't Believe'/'I Don't Want Anything But You' (Kavern 7 Records - K7-007) 1987

I wrote about this record back in April 2008 but since then I received some photos of The Unheard from Steve Mulrooney, a regular to my site but never got around to posting it (until now).

Steve: "Out of interest, you featured a 45 by Oz band The Unheard a few months back. The Unheard evolved out of The Stayns, of which I was the original bass player. The Unheard still play today - with the original drummer and singer. Gordon their first guitarist moved to Melbourne and helped form The Breadmakers"

My review in April '08:
Continuing my trip through the dark recesses of my record collection, post 1975 releases, I pulled this three song EP out of an Australian box....The Unheard were a group of four garage teen punks and their record was probably 'unheard' in the late 80s.

I dig the fact that they preferred to have a picture of a tone-bender fuzz box on the front cover of their record, with a very small pic of themselves on the back of the sleeve. And it's for that reason I'm giving them number 40 slot on my Renaissance Fair Top 50 chart.

All three songs are fuzz punkers with barely a tune to write home about. (this doesn't matter to me as long as there is attitude, punk screams or fuzz and The Unheard offer all three key ingredients)

'I Don't Believe' is perhaps their best song.

Gordon Johns (vocals/guitar/writer of all three songs on EP)
Michael Wilson (bass)
Stephen O'Brien (drums)
Patrick Browniee (vocals/organ)

The Unheard pictured at a gig circa mid 80s

So what of The Stayns? Did they leave any recordings behind? They certainly left two super cool gig posters behind as proof of their existence.

Steve: "The Stayns never recorded anything. I actually left the band to travel the world before they started gigging. They imploded whilst I was gone, but when I returned we reformed with a slightly different line-up and played a few gigs. Then Pete the guitarist got a job in Canberra and left, and that was it.
We had a hasty reunion last year but didn't do any gigs"


  1. the version of the Stayns that gigged around Wollongong featured Gordon Johns and myself Steve O'Brien on drums

    the A side of this Unheard single was performed by the Stayns and written by Gordon and the recording due to misfortune, ended up becoming the Unheard as only Gordon and myself made it to the studio, thus the end of the Stayns and the start of the Unheard

    the Unheard continue to this day from 1986 and that was the only record we have ever put out!

  2. I was the singer in the original Stayns that gigged around Wollongong - Andrew Williams. I have the original live recording of a gig at the Coniston Hotel, which includes Don't Stand In my Sunshine, mentioned above that The Unheard went on to record. I also have a video recording of the same gig....rare but great fun to listen and watch.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Andy, as you've probably read, I love The Unheard EP
    raw, untamed, teenage rock 'n' roll with fuzz....YEAH!

  4. Fellow Wollongong rockers! Noddy here from the Mutated Noddy's. Kick-started the underground scene in 1983, covering Stooges, MC5, Radio Birdman, Doors, 13th Floor Elevators, and many unheard-of 60's Psyche bands. Played the Conno as well where one of our amps blew up. Peter from the Stayns joined us on guitar for a while as well. The Mutated Noddy's have a site at Bandcamp, as does my later band Froghollow (psyche and lots more), and I have my own under Noddyparp.
    Forever rockin!


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