THE SATYRS - 'Yesterday's Hero'/'Marie' (Spectrum 2668) 1968

This all time classic garage single was released by a bunch of teens from Haddon Heights, New Jersey in 1968. According to Bob Agnew, guitarist from the group, they were a gigging unit for about a year competing in 'Battle Of The Bands' contests and the other low key performances like teen dances etc.

They did get to support a couple of bigger name bands in Philadelphia namely, The Ultimate Spinach and Mandrake Memorial but other than that and this great one sided disc, The Satyrs drifted away just like so many groups did back in those days.

According to Bob Agnew both sides were recorded at Admiral Wilson Blvd Studio in Camden on a two track unit. Only 400 records were pressed making it a difficult 45 to track down and when it does come up for sale it's usually sought after. Shame my copy has "Mike" and "843" written on the label, this could indicate that it came from a local radio station....

Bob Agnew (guitar)
Mike Doerr (vocals)
Craig Morrill (bass/vocals)
Andy Madajewski (drums)
Kenny Reibel (organ)

THE SATYRS - Yesterday's Hero

The Satyrs - check out the drummer, he looks like he's just left infant school...

Both of these pictures and the information relating to this disc were taken from Mike Dugo's website at (an excelent site for facts and information)


  1. Possibly one of my faves... well done finding the 45, It's one which is on my wants list.


  2. Craig Morrill is my father, thanks for recognizing the band. Can you upload the B side "Marie" here as well?


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