THE RAIN PARADE - 'Look Both Ways' (Zippo Zing 001) 1984

A group called The Sidewalks emerged from Los Angeles in early 1981. By the end of the year they had undergone a name change to The Rain Parade. There's plenty of information out there on this super cool group so I won't go into much detail.
Here's a way cool song by The Rain Parade from their classic album 'Emergency Third Rail Power Trip'...I must have played this LP hundreds of times over the years but I usually play the last track on Side Two, 'Look Both Ways' twice before putting the record back on the shelf.

'Look Both Ways' is something of a departure from the rest of the material on 'Emergency'....this time around The Rain Parade offer up a garage psych swinger that keyboard player Will Glenn described as being "in the mood of 2120 South Michigan Boulevard, that Rolling Stones instrumental"

The album was recorded at Contour Studios, Los Angeles during February-March 1983 and I was lucky enough to see them in concert at The Riverside Club, Newcastle on 2nd December, 1985.

Sounds - May 1985

This photo of me was taken in December 1985 at my old mate Mal Holland's pad. We'd no doubt had a few joints (he usually had a wrap of something - usually speed) and were about to go to the above mentioned Rain Parade gig. I bought the paisley shirt I'm wearing from a shop in Carnaby Street, London called Melandi a couple of years earlier.


  1. Melandi! Ah the days of rag merchants! Got a few shirts there on a visit in 1984, they didn't last more than a year before they became transparent through washing!

  2. you may like this earlier version of 'look both ways' from wharfrat tales.

  3. Thanks for sending the earlier take of 'Look Both Way''s certainly a budget recording but that doesn't take away the power of the song....


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