THE MOVING SIDEWALKS - '99th Floor'/'What Are You Going To Do' (Wand 1156) 1967

Years before ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons grew his beard longer than one of Queen Lizzy's plush rugs at Buck Pal he was singing and playing lead guitar in The Moving Sidewalks. They made a name for themselves in Houston, Texas playing psychedelic blues rock but it's their stonewall '60s garage punk classic '99th Floor' that they're best known for amongst garage fanatics (like myself).

'99th Floor' is a punk killer with pumped up teenage attitude, wild guitars, thrilling combo organ and fuzz then one of THEE greatest punkoid gee'tar breaks of all time. I've seen a picture of The Moving Sidewalks looking thrilled that they're with their idol Jimi Hendrix. Well Mr Hendrix never came up with anything as stunningly glorious as '99th Floor'...he probably was just as pleased to meet them.....I think he was cos Jimi gave Billy one of his guitars after a gig when they supported The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The 45 was first released on the local Tantara label, sales were strong and it got a further release on Wand. My copy is on the latter but instead of uploading the music from the single I've used the previously unreleased and longer version that appeared on the fabulous Big Beat collection 'Uptight Tonight'......



  1. Psychedelic raw blues rock from Texas...oh anything better?

    Well, im one of those who listened that song in some comps.

    Something different, but from LA,
    Here’s another one for those Standells rare artifacts junkies: "Someday You'll Cry". Written and sung by Larry, this was the flip side of "Zebra in the Kitchen", the title song from the movie of the same name starring Jay North. "Someday You'll Cry" was also performed by the Standells on the Bing Crosby TV Show (Seen b ...elow).

    This song was recorded in 1964 under special license on MGM Records, so as far as we know you cannot find it as part of any Standells anthology. Also, we believe the recording was made before Dick Dodd joined the group, and Gary Walker (Leeds) played drums on it! Perry Botkin Jr. produced it for MGM.(L Tamblyn)



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