THE JYNX PACK - 'She's In Love'/'I Can't Make Up My Mind' (Mercury 72501) Oct 1965

This very obscure record was released only in USA on Mercury by The Jynx Pack and naturally the combo were considered by many as an American group. However, I was never convinced and raised the question over 3 years ago on the G45 Forum.

Since then it has been confirmed that The Jynx Pack were infact an English group whose members didn't even know that their recordings, probably recorded at Maximum Sound Studio in South East London, had been released. Lead singer Bill Cox confirmed this when he left a message on the rarely updated 'Peach Fuzz Forest' website.  

Both sides of this disc are moody beat numbers with just a touch of freakiness, especially in the guitar breaks.

THE JYNX PACK - She's In Love


  1. Yeah, I know....posts have slowed down somewhat lately....Too busy researching Cornish music scene in the 60s & 70s ( - PFF is in in semi-retirement, but not dead yet!

    As ever, a great selection of posts and I really should post more often to say thank you for the great records and write ups :)

  2. Here's the full low down on Jynx pack


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