GIL NOW - 'Dis-Le Moi' EP (Barclay 71182) 1967

This week a couple of vinyl music Blogs I regularly visited decided to call it quits, which is a shame of course. They were both well written and I was able to discover some new sounds via these outlets. I think the bloggers quit due to time constraints which may be true but I have a feeling they both wrapped it in because of a low receipt of comments and/or other people blatantly downloading their MP3s and label scans & images and posting them elsewhere without any credit.
I've noticed that my label scans and photos are all over YouTube, but has my site had any credit? Has it fuck! AND the amount of garage records for sale on Ebay where the seller has cut and pasted my review has me laughing my tits off.. (p.s. I don't actually own any tits it's just coin a phrase)

Anyway, enough of the EXPO rant. Here's a rarely seen undiscovered gem by French singer Gil Now. I know nothing about the geezer but he looks like he was a well turned out mod. The most notable cuts for 'Flower Bomb Songs' are the brassy hammond movers 'Dis-Le Moi' and 'Les Ville' (both will feature on my next Circles compilation)

'Dis-Le Noi' uses the same rhythm section of 'Skate' by Dean Parrish but adds some new lyrics. I don't care about that when Gil Now can churn out such a monster mod club sound.

GIL NOW - Dis-Le Moi


  1. Excellent mod stomper ! Thank you for sharing. (as usual)


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