THE BELLTOWERS - 4 track demo CDR (February 2010)

The latest Belltowers demo recordings were put down at Lily-Pad Sound Studio during February 2010 and the overall jangle sound remains intact but these new songs have a more pop approach. Indeed some would suggest that The Belltowers have gone all power pop.

'I Can't Hide' is a cover version of The Flamin' Groovies tune and the group stick with the Groovies formula of melodic guitar and harmonies. I think this is the stand out demo cut.
The remaining three songs are all Belltowers originals and have their signiture sound but lack the sparkling tambourine flourishes from earlier recordings. But, as Paul pointed out to me these songs are still 'work in progress' and no way the completed article. That may be true but I've heard way rougher finished performances that have had official releases in the past.
These four songs were recorded on a KORG digital 8 track.


For me The Belltowers are up there with my favourite contemporary groups and performers at the moment such as The Thanes, The Higher State and Paul Messis. They get the EXPO67 seal of approval and come highly recommended.

Where to find more information about The Belltowers and buy their music:
The Belltowers on MYSPACE
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I sent Paul Mutchler some questions about The Belltowers:

When and how did The Belltowers form a group. Did you already know the other guys for instance?

Eddie Foeller and I started a band called, Wild Mercury. Our bass player was Kenny Bussiere (ex-Original Sins) and our drummer was Alan Cowart (ex-Begger Weeds). We were trying to be more alt-country. Trying to sound like later  Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers,Dillard & Clark,and Long Ryders. When Alan left the band, Ken Chiodini (ex-The Lears, ex-Hatebombs) became our drummer/backing vocal. When Kenny (Bussiere) left, we took time off to re-group. 
After reading the liner notes of The Byrds  boxset, "There Is A Season". Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) described The Byrds like a supersonic jet soaring over an old chiming belltower. I thought The Belltowers would be a perfect name. We also decided that Alt-country wasn't for us. We are better playing Folk-Rock.  Marshall Huggins became Kenny's replacement on bass and took over backing vocals. When Ken (Chiodini) left the band, Tom Miller came on board as our drummer.
I've known Ken since 1970. We both became Beatles fans, then Jam fans, and then Byrds fans. 
I've known Eddie since the early 80's. He hung out in the same circle of friends.  We both loved the same 60's garage bands.
I've known Marshall and Tom since the late 90's.

What other groups have you all been in?

Eddie, Marshall, and Tom were in an Orlando, FL band from the 90's called, Little Bill. They were very much a jangly garage type band.
My first band was called The Green Today.  I was on 12 string guitar, vocals; Ken Chiodini was drums and vocals; and Martin Everett was on bass. We were together from 1984-1987.  We had a flexi single that was enclosed with issue Number 1 of Kaleidoscope magazine. We also had a song on The Exploding Underground Compliation that was also released by Kaleidoscope magazine. 
In 1988 I moved to Clearwater, FL.  From 1992 to 1998 I was in a band with Dennis Dalcin called The Lears. Two 45s, one EP and one CD, plus other songs released on various compliations.  I moved back to Orlando, FL in 1998.  From 1999 until 2000, I was in a band with Marshall and Tom called The Knievels.

Where and how often do you play gigs?

We play mostly in Orlando.  We try to play out once a month.
Any plans to release any 45's or vinyl LPs?
Right now, no plans since we are "self-financed".  However, I would love to have some labels interested in releasing vinyl!  I'm sending out promo material in the hopes that I can get someone interested.

Do you think you'll be doing anything with those newly recorded songs from Feb 2010. 

I think those recordings need a little more polishing.  But, we'll see. We are planning more recordings this fall/winter 2010. The plan is to release a full length LP and a perhaps couple of 45s in 2011, either on a indie label or we'll release them.

Paul's Rick