THE SEARCHERS - 'When You Walk In The Room'/'(I'll Be) Missing You' (Pye 7N.15694) Sept 1964

This single by Liverpool group The Searchers was released exactly 46 years ago, way back in September 1964 and a month before I was born.
They had been releasing successful beat singles since mid 1963 but my main interest in them is their 12 string jangle moments combined with those faultless, crisp harmonies. 'When You Walk In The Room', written by Jackie de Shannon reached top 3 in England and made them Merseybeat stars.

The flip '(I'll Be) Missing You' is more commercial jangle beat.

THE SEARCHERS - When You Walk In The Room

French EP


  1. A great record. Both you and Anorak Thing are keeping me quite contented these days! Have you visited There are a lot of great images there, including one of Jimmy Page with Carter Lewis and the Southerners that I'd never seen, along with the Searchers, Stones, scenes of '60s London, etc. Marie

  2. For me and anyone that grew up in Italy (at least until my generation, I was born in 1969)this will always be better known and loved as the ROKES' version..."C'é una strana espressione nei tuoi occhi".

    Yeah, the Searchers and their use of 12 string were a great influence on several bands, including the Rokes and their fab Eko guitars.

    Like you I love the Searchers folk-rock moments like the great "He's got no love".


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