I'll continue my 'Made In Britain' series with this relic from 1969.
Back when I was a pre teen kid in the 70s I remember watching repeats of TV Show Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). This was first shown in England during the late 60s. It was a weird private eye show with a twist because it involved a ghost (Marty Hopkirk) his partner (Jeff Randall) and a foxy blond Dolly Bird. Their seedy approach to fighting crime was a cut above the usual crime fighting tripe.

The theme always stood out to me as being a classic and was used by The Godfathers as their signiture tune when they came out on stage at gigs back in the mid 80s, well it was the couple of times I saw the group perform.
The theme tune was compiled on a CD called 'Cult Fiction Royale' in the 90s.



  1. Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) was a great programme, that I never missed in the 60's. There is an obscure musical connection: the actor who played Jeff Randall was the boyfriend of Chiitra Neogy who made the wonderful "The Perfumed Garden" album on Gemini. Sadly the actor died relatively young.


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