THE MERSEYS - "Sorrow" / "Some Other Day" (Fontana TF 694) April 1966

The Merseys were two hip cats from Liverpool who formed out of the ashes of The Merseybeats when they disbanded in early 1966. Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley achieved a big hit with their first single 'Sorrow' which peaked at number 4 in England.
Pictures from this period show them in cool mod threads and even cooler haircuts.

'Sorrow' was originally recorded by American group The McCoys (and written by The Strangeloves) but with a sort of folk rock arrangement. Their version was hidden away on a B-side. Thankfully, The Merseys rescued the song and transformed it into mod pop genius with a groovy hip and new sound adding brass. An earlier take (without brass) and featuring Jack Bruce and Jimmy Page remained unreleased until recently.
The flip 'Some Other Day' is a Crane/Kinsley original and is more perfect mod pop. Both sides were produced by Kit Lambert.

"With your long blond hair and your eyes of blue,
The only thing I ever get from you is sorrow"  


  1. Excellent post! Thanks - I really enjoyed the info and the tune.

  2. Yes it's a catchy song. By the way David Bowie also covered it in the early 70s and had a hit.

  3. Great post and cracking tune.. I've liked the Bowie version for years but never gave this one a serious listen before. I'm suprised Andrew Loog Oldham didn't do more with the track on Immediate than just a McCoys b-side.. He usually had a good nose for tune with potential.

  4. I managed to score a cool, almost folk rock alt. version of this on iTunes of all places from one of the "Rare Merseybeat Unearthed" CD comps without the orchestration and it's really very rocking/jangly!

  5. Doh! Delete last comment, see you've heard the rocking alt. version too!

  6. You're right about the unreleased version of 'Sorrow'....It has a different sound and I'll post it here soon.


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