THE EASYBEATS - 'Friday On My Mind'/'Made My Bed; Gonna Lie In It' (United Artists UP 1157) October 1966

By 1966, Australian band The Easybeats had conquered their homeland although most people probably don't realise that all band members were from post WWII families who had migrated to Australia from England, Scotland and Holland.

'Easyfever' had taken hold of the Aussie teens and they couldn't get enough of this raucous beat group and their insanely catchy tunes. Quite rightly, The Easybeats planned to stretch themselves musically and relocated to London, England in July 1966.
Thousands thronged Sydney airport to cheer their heroes on their way to Swingin' London, possibly including fans such as Rolf Harris, Crocodile Dundee, Skippy 'the Bush Kangaroo', Dame Edna Everage and the cast of Prisoner Cell Block H...

Recordings took place at Abbey Road Studios under the leadership of the famed hip producer Shel Talmy. The first fruits of their labour were the incredible smash hit single 'Friday On My Mind'. Check out the flip 'Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It' which has always been a massive personal favourite.

THE EASYBEATS - Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It (mono 45)

Billboard trade mag advert October 1966

Dutch release
French EP (Jim Wynand archive)
German release (Jim Wynand archive)

Dutch release with different B-side
Italian release
USA release


  1. One of my favourite non UK/US bands ever!!!
    these guys had great beats, sweet tunes, oohhh lovely. Friday on my mind its a classic of all times. Great post, thanks a lot for the gloriuos 45.

  2. Great track. When i was in my early teens a friend gave me his dad's well worn U.S. pressing of this and I was blown away when I flipped it to find this punky gem and equally impressed to find it was produced by the samne guy as my then heroes The Who.


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