C.C.S. - 'Whole Lotta Love'/'Boom Boom' (Columbia 2C 006-91.810M) Sept 1970

By the end of the 60s men had started growing fashionable but ridiculous Jason King style 'handle bar' tashes and their girlfriends had decided to burn their cheap and ill fitting brassieres. Music also saw some drastic changes with a shift from psych to progressive and heavy rock.

Traditional Blues guitarist Alexis Korner was no different and he formed heavy rock outfit Collective Consciousness Society or the less of a mouthful C.C.S. with a selective band of session musicians and up and coming hip producer Mickie Most.

Korner's band of outsiders recorded an instro version of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' b/w John Lee Hooker's 'Boom Boom' and scored an unlikely hit at the tail end of 1970. The record reached number 13 in the UK charts and was used as the theme tune for music show 'Top Of The Pops'.....However, I did some research recently and according to the BBC website technically, the TOTP theme was not by CCS, but was recorded by the TOTP orchestra one morning before the day's rehearsals.

Having said that, the band was conducted by John Cameron on that occasion and many of the musicians were CCS regulars. This enabled the production to tailor the tune to the correct duration and, more importantly, avoided the weekly payment of royalties to the record label.

Yet again proof that the BBC have always been a bunch of tight fisted gets.

Jason King (pictured) was responsible for the 'handle bar' tashe
C.C.S. - Whole Lotta Love

French release


  1. Yeah....I really dig this!!!!!

  2. hmmm...well jason king didn't actually exist, it was peter wyngarde.

    But hey, where were you in the 60s? THe droopy tash came in with (and through) the fab 4 during and post-Sgt Pepper

  3. I do know my Jason Kings from my Peter Wyngardes...my comments were tongue in cheek. I was taking the piss...I often (subtly) take the piss when I blog


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