THE ZEPHYRS - 'There's Something About You'/'She's Lost You' (Columbia DB7481) Feb 1965

I've got this two sided winner on the American imprint Rotate Records which appears to be easier to find than the UK issue on Columbia Records. 'She's Lost You' was a small hit in England reaching number 48 in early 1965. Seems a shame for such a great R'n'B/mod group that they're almost completely overlooked despite having the 'in' sound to break through to the next level.

Sadly, this well dressed London based mod band missed out on deserved acclaim despite ace producer Shel Talmy's production skills.

The B-Side 'There's Something About You' really swings with beatitude and combo organ. Dig the high quality film of The Zephyrs performing this all time classic forgotten jewel.


  1. KILLER tune and that clip from "Primitive London" on them miming at The Scene is amazing. Their other singles are all great too (well maybe not the first one...).

  2. Ah and I forgot to mention their appearance in the David Hemmings/Steve Marriott film "Beat My Guest" where they play the equally brilliant "She Laughed" (though billed in the film by another moniker).

  3. Thanks Wiltomer for The Zephyrs information. Keep up the good work with your blog. It's always interesting..

  4. Ah cheers sir, right back atcha, as they say!


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