THE WHO - 'I Can't Explain'/'Bald Headed Woman' (Brunswick 05926) Jan 1965

I can't believe it's taken me three and a half years to make my first blog entry regarding London group The Who. Now that's a crime. So the first place to start will be with their debut 45 as The Who, they had a 1964 single as The High Numbers called 'Zoot Suit'.

Pete Townsend wrote 'I Can't Explain' when he was 18 years old and according to the man himself it was more or less based on The Kinks klassic 'All Day And All Of The Night'. That may be so but 'I Can't Explain' is a powerful introduction to Who music and the mod kids thought so to by buying plenty of copies to land the disc a Top 10 place in the charts.

Townsend has also admitted that Jimmy Page laid down rhythm guitar. Shel Talmy produced although his name credit is not on the label.

French EP

Denmark release

Germany release


  1. What a great blog! This has always been my absolute favourite Who song! I'm very happy to see it here. Thanks - I'll add a link on my blog to yours. By the way, I'm used to seeing a download button with divShare - what do you do with the embed code? (I know - I'm more than a little technologically challenged.) Marie

  2. Marie - I set my divshare account to non-downloadable. The music I post is meant for listening purposes only.

  3. That German sleeve is one of the coolest I've ever seen

  4. Amazing stuff here brother, keep 'em coming! I posted a Who Aussie E.P. sleeve awhile back. These 60's who P.S.'s are little pieces of art in my book!


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