THE EQUALS - 'I Get So Excited'/'The Skies Above' (President PT 180) January 1968

I wrote about another mod cruncher by The Equals a couple of years ago, you'll find that review in the archives   'I Can See But You Don't Know'.

'I Get So Excited' was a small hit of sorts in England (got to number 44) but it's the mod psych crossover of the flip 'The Skies Above' which is the real gem here by this London reggae/pop outfit led by Eddie Grant. He also wrote this killer.

Sadly, it's one of the hardest Equals discs to track down.
Here's a rare picture of The Equals that I've scanned from the 1970 Teenbeat Annual.


  1. The guy on the right looks like Buddy Miles! ! (with a couple of more kilos...) hahaha...

  2. Great tune and a great pic, dig the braces on Derv! Their U.S. "Baby Come Back" LP on RCA has a version of "Skies Above" which is missing the harmonica.

  3. I The First version I heard of 'Skies Above' as from the Baby Come Back album. I prefer that version. The harmonica is about the only difference between the two. 'Skies Above' stood out for me above all of the other tracks on the album.


  4. The Bomber... i totally thought that was Buddy Miles too! i just found you blog and i love it! thanks for this!

  5. I'm addicted to this song! I can't keep myself from hitting the "play" button and listening to it again and again and again...


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