THE ENFIELDS - 'She Already Has Somebody'/'I'm For Things You Do' (Richie RI-670) May 1966

One of the best garage punk compilations of all time is 'What A Way To Die' and I remember getting this when it first came out and being blown away by the all time great melodic folk punker 'She Already Has Somebody' by The Enfields. The LP was great but the liners were terrible especially the entry for The Enfields which seemed to be just made up nonsense.

Thankfully all of The Enfields music was made available on CD in the 90s but it's a release that I never got around to buying. So I decided to research The Enfields in various sources at hand and found an interview with leader Ted Munda in Misty Lane - Issue 14.

This interview was conducted in 1995 when Munda was 44 years old (this is what he said) and the main thing I got from the interview was that the singer/songwriter from The Enfields (as well as the rest of the band) was still at High School in Wilmington, Delaware when they recorded their classic minor key folk rock.

* my single is the second pressing of "She Already Has Somebody" with the early fade of the song


  1. There's a split album (vinyl, too) on Distortions records with one side by "The Enfields" and the other by "Friends of the Family", who were the follow-up group with Ted Munda and I think some of the other Enfields members (and just as good, if you ask me).
    The whole album is great. Lots of amazing songs. Ted Munda was a songwriter with extraordinary skills. It´s on ebay right now:


    P.S.: Your LA selection is fantastic. I'm really enjoying it. ALL of it is right up my alley. :-)

  2. I'm not a Zen Priest.I wrote a book called "Zen Munchkins"(Little Wisdoms) and "The Fizits" published by Charles E. Tuttle Co.I've dome a lot of music since the Enfields and would like a Record Company to release it all.I am working on a very advanced Healing Center, Capstone Vortex and have the architectural design copyright and Trademark to the design. Music, Light and Sound.Peace,

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Ted....I was only repeating what was said in the 'Misty Lane' magazine article from 1995.

  4. The Enfields, particularly the track above are a huge influence to me also.


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