DANNY AND THE COUNTS - 'You Need Love'/'Ode To The Wind' (Coronado Records 136) 1966 

I was recently contacted by a reader with a link to a blog called 'El Paso's Musicians - Past And Present' here. They said that this particular site had a picture of Danny And The Counts so I naturally investigated.

I therefore decided to update my 30th July 2007 Danny And The Counts blog entry with said picture and an MP3 of the classic 'Ode To The Wind'......thanks again to the reader who turned up the link.

Crank up the volume, take a hit from your favourite funny cigarette and listen to the exceptional psychedelic folk rock of 'Ode To The Wind'. It's imbued with a melancholic air, cool fuzz guitar and flower punk vocals. The only thing that let's it down is the average production. It sounds too muddy. It's still an almighty song though.

The other side is completely different. 'You Need Love' is a fuzz punk pounder and a sound so typical of Texan garage bands of 66/67. Again the production is not the best I've ever heard.

Danny and the Counts hailed from El Paso, Texas. Both songs were written by Danny Parra and have been compiled on an old Eva comp from the 80s called Texas Punk From The 60s Volume 2.
'You Need Love' was covered brilliantly by The Royal Nonesuch. Their 45 was covered in my blog way back.

The article from the KELP newspaper pointed out that our heroes were self taught boys consisting of five energetic, ambitious guys who play everything from R'n'B to the Mersey sound. 

Danny Parra (lead guitar/lead vocals)
Eric Huereque (bass/background vocals)
Javier Valenzuela (rhythm guitar)
'Little' Joe (drums)
Joe (Bozo) Martinez (tambourine)

'You Need Love'/'Ode To The Wind' (Coronado Records 136) 1966
'For Your Love'/'It's All Over Now' (Frog Death 4) 1967